Last year at New York's Comic Con, I was part of a guerilla film project called Convention. It's currently making the festival rounds and you can find out more about the film and see the trailer here.


It was such a privilege to work on this short film for Varyana Galdamez that tells the story of the Mirabel sisters and how their rebellion and ultimate death led to the overthrow of an evil dictator. My clips are below (warning: some violence), but you can see the whole short (~6 minutes) here!


You've been seeing a clip from Masquerade in my reel for almost a year, but here is another mini sneak peek. Masquerade is screening at the Hang Onto Your Shorts film festival the weekend of May 20th. Masquerade will play on Sunday, May 21st as the closer film in the first block of the day. Go find out why I'm sad! ;) For more information, you can check out their website:

Dystopian Photo Shoot

I recently worked with Mike Laurence on a couple of photo concepts, which will eventually incorporate various dystopian sci-fi elements. Until then, here are some excerpts from Series 1.


It was so much fun working with Varyana Galdamez on her film Mujeres. In her own words, "Mujeres, is a story that follows Dede towards the end of The Trujillo Era, a period within the Dominican Republic when Rafael Leonidas Trujillo Molina, a.k.a El Jefe, rose to power and formed a ruthless totalitarian reign over the Dominican Republic which lasted more than thirty years. Dede is a witness to the various hardships her people face, but does not fully understand the severity of the situation.  We follow her through a series of dreams that take her on a journey to find her sisters."


I had so much fun working on the short film, Convention -- shot guerrilla-style at this year's Comic Con. One of the bloopers so far, is this video of me breaking character to save a baby's life. #notallheroeswearcapes

Allergic to Cats

This short film directed by Max Sainvil turned out great, if I do say so myself. Give yourself a 5-minute break and watch me try to get out of a sticky situation!

Pale Blue Light

I had so much fun filming my scenes for The Pale Blue Light this weekend. I play a political correspondent that gets, well, a little fed up... First green screen work. First time seeing my face blown up this big. Haha.

Coyote Blooper

I had so much fun playing a snarky Bell Girl in the short film Coyote, directed by Rob Woods. But what happens when you're supposed to be slamming the window shut and it's stuck? Best Blooper Award

The Wronged One

Filming for the TV mini-series, The Wronged One, started last week. My character, who can only be described as vindictively menacing, will appear in at least 8 episodes. A sneak peek.

BROs Show, Episodes 1 and 2

Episodes 1 and 2 from the BROs show are up! I make my entrance around 4:45 but why not watch all 6 minutes. ;)

This was SUCH a fun project to shoot! It's very tongue in cheek and the episodes only get funnier and more outrageous from here. Subscribe to the YouTube channel for the rest of the episodes!

Old Hollywood Glamour

Last July, I was very privileged to be asked to participate in a Photo Salon with Jason Donovan Hall. The theme: Old Hollywood Glamour. Just got some of the images back and aren't they lovely?  What composition! What light!