The Wronged One

Filming for the TV mini-series, The Wronged One, started last week. My character, who can only be described as vindictively menacing, will appear in at least 8 episodes. A sneak peek.

BROs Show, Episodes 1 and 2

Episodes 1 and 2 from the BROs show are up! I make my entrance around 4:45 but why not watch all 6 minutes. ;)

This was SUCH a fun project to shoot! It's very tongue in cheek and the episodes only get funnier and more outrageous from here. Subscribe to the YouTube channel for the rest of the episodes!

Old Hollywood Glamour

Last July, I was very privileged to be asked to participate in a Photo Salon with Jason Donovan Hall. The theme: Old Hollywood Glamour. Just got some of the images back and aren't they lovely?  What composition! What light!

Ripples Scene

Just got some raw footage from the project Ripples that I did back in October. We did a lot of improv in this film, and this scene in particular -- so every take was wildly different. That means this clip likely won't be in the final film... but it'll give you a sneak peek about my character. 

The New Roommate

I could not have been more thrilled to reunite with the talented writer/director Larry Rosen to film The New Roommate. We managed to shoot almost the entire feature in five days.... during Jonas. Two nights spent sleeping on set and a couple of days of Larry magically running everything by himself, and we made a movie. A movie in which you get to see my slow transformation from a normal person to a clingy, obsessed, rageful, potentially homicidal roommate. ;)

BROs Show

We had such a rockstar cast that we shot our first 5 episodes in one day instead of the two days we had planned.  The result, however, is that I'm having withdrawal symptoms and missing all these crazy kids.  Can't wait to shoot the next 10 episodes.  If you haven't already, follow the BROs facebook page here


Filming with writer/director Jessica Batista this weekend for her Halloween-themed short film, Masquerade, was an absolute delight.  I got two adorable kids for a couple of days and got to eat A LOT of Halloween candy.  Already can't wait to see the final product!!

I Love You Too

I was delighted to be asked to step in last minute to fill the role of Matilda in the short film I Love You Too, written and directed by Keti Chichinadze. I had about 24 hours between getting the script and filming starting, so that was a fun challenge too!

Truly Terrifying!

I've finally gotten a couple versions of the short film Truly Terrifying that I did back in July. It's always disappointing to see that some of the good dialogue or other moments have been cut, but this is my favorite version so far.

It was also so delightful that the Connecticut Filmmakers Workshop hosted a screening complete with a red carpet.

Daddy's Little Girl

I marked my return to Manhattan Repertory Theater to perform Daddy's Little Girl. The official blurb? "A father's disappearance and the untimely death of young husband are the threads that unravel a family mystery revealing dark secrets in a small town in America's Heartland." Let's just put it this way: I ended up sobbing, covered in blood, having killed my molesting step-father after discovering he killed my husband so he could have me to himself again... Yup, light stuff. ;)

Labyrinth Lost

When given the choice between good and evil, I always choose evil.  I don't know what that says about me! Haha. I just think the roles are more fun.  So, you can guess what I said when I was asked to play "The Devourer", an evil witch in a short film/trailer for Zoraida Cordova's upcoming book Labyrinth Lost.  Oh, it was so fun...

Guarded Angels

I was so so so excited (can you tell I was excited?!) to play Charisse in the short film by Director Nikolaos Sarafis. The script was incredible and I got to reunite with some of my favorite people from Another Soul, including the lovely Joy Kim and Bailey Newman.  Don't Bailey and I look like sisters for real??


I just finished filming my scenes for the film Obligation, where I play a conflicted Hasidic Jewish woman torn between love and obligation. It was an honor to work with up-and-coming writer/director Rhiannon Collins and a very talented cast and crew.  

FingerCheck Commercial

The second commercial is done before the first (which I've seen a first cut of and is super funny -- I can't wait to share it when it's ready), but was delighted when FingerCheck asked me back to do some more work for them.  Always a fun group to work with.